Student Government at WSU

The Associated Students of Washington State University (ASWSU) is the student government at WSU and serves as a resource and advocate for current and prospective students. Our organization creates opportunities to develop student leaders who are holistic thinkers, culturally competent and professionals for the next generation. We seek to promote student initiatives that enhance an individual’s collegiate experience through leadership, advocacy and cougar pride.

Meet the ASWSU Team

Branches and Committees

There are four components of government that make up the spine of ASWSU.  There are also multiple committees and auxiliaries under ASWSU. ASWSU encourages students to get involved in ASWSU by joining a committee or running for office.

Governing Documents

ASWSU is guided by two living documents; the ASWSU Constitution and ASWSU Bylaws.  The constitution is the fundamental principles and established precedents ASWSU governs by. The bylaws are the powers, functions, duties, and responsibilities of all ASWSU officials, not otherwise enumerated in the Constitution.

Read the ASWSU Bylaws

Read the ASWSU Constitution