ASWSU is dedicated to enhancing the WSU experience through leadership, advocacy and cougar pride. In order to achieve this, ASWSU is constantly implementing new initiatives to improve communication between students and our organization, advocating for unheard student groups, and bringing our community together. These are some of ASWSU’s current initiatives.




30 Days of Pullman runs through the month of September in hopes to help bridge the gap between the Pullman community and WSU students. Additionally, it presents an opportunity for promotion of local businesses by offering special deals each day.

The full calendar can be viewed here.


“It’s On Cougs” is a student-led marketing campaign that endeavors to incite educationally stimulated conversation around sexual assault on campus. Through utilizing social media platforms to spread information, organizing conversational forums and focus groups, facilitating school programs and philanthropies, and creating a network of cohesive information outlets for students, “It’s On Cougs” helps students connect to the national conversation around sexual assault and thus promote change on campus.

Through the use of informative videos, social media campaigns, grassroots outreach and student-facilitated conversation, “It’s On Cougs” galvanizes the student body with the primary goal of facilitating comprehensive sexuality education, defining the parameters of what sexual assault is, and how it can affect students of different sociocultural backgrounds.

Dear WSU

#DearWSU was created to allow students to easily give feedback to ASWSU and the University. There are a number of #DearWSU booths around campus where students can handwrite their ideas. Or, students can tweet @ASWSU with the hashtag #DearWSU to give instant feedback.


Cougar Choice Housing provides practical information and resources to help you have a safe, positive off-campus living experience and avoid common and sometimes costly mistakes. You will find downloadable checklists, as well as valuable information, to help you make the right choice for your living experience. 

More info can be found at