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Welcome Cougs!

ASWSU is the student government on campus. If you're interested in involvement, leadership and community, then ASWSU is for you. Check out the opportunities below!


Get involved with ASWSU! We encourage all students to join. The only qualification we look for is wanting to help Washington State University! Getting involved right when you arrive on campus is a great way to meet friends in a close knit community, positively impact Washington State University, and make tangible long-lasting change. Find what you're passionate about and don't hesitate to reach out! We look forward to collaborating with you, and seeing the great change that you will help initiate through ASWSU!


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Brian Patrick, ASWSU President

Alexander Pan, ASWSU Vice-President


Opportunities to Get Involved


  • Executive Committees

    These committees work with the ASWSU President, Vice-President, and the Executive Directors. They each focus on different aspects of campus life. What are you passionate about? You can get involved by reaching out to the contacts below!

    Don't like emails? Neither do we. Just DM us on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook.  

    Health Committee:
    • Interested in changing the stigma surrounding mental health? What about other facets of student health like nutrition, exercise or vaccinationsWant to help connect students with resources on and off campus, while bolstering the resources we already provide? Contact Director Conner Rath
    Safety Committee:
    • Interested in working towards making campus as safe as possible? What about helping prevent sexual violence on campus, and supporting victims and survivors? Do you want to help encourage dialogue surrounding sexual assault on campus? Want to help connect students with resources on and off campus, while bolstering the resources we already provide? Contact Director Kody Nuthaphol 
    University Affairs Committee:
    • Interested in student, academic, or university affairs? Want to help give the student perspective to WSU leadership in making decisions? Contact
    Communication Committee:
    • Interested in talking to students about the incredible opportunities happening on campus? What about taking photos or creating videos and graphics? Or helping run social media accounts? Contact Director Celine Guzman
    Diversity, Inclusion and Veteran Affairs Committee:
    • Interested in changing the culture at WSU to create a more inclusive environment for under-represented students, while celebrating the diversity of our university? Contact


    Community Affairs Committee:
    • Interested in being involved in the Pullman Community? Want to partner with businesses, community organizations, and local government to improve the lives of students and community members? Contact


    Cougar Lobby Team:
    • The Cougar Lobby Team lobbies on behalf of WSU students on issues of higher education to local, state, and the national government. The CLT also works with other WSU campuses in the organization of Coug Day at the Capitol, an annual trip made by WSU students to Olympia, WA. To learn more or get involved, contact Director of Legislative Affairs Gisselle Salazar 

  • ASWSU Committees

    APASC: Monday's 6:00-7:00 pm in CUE 219

    BSUEvery other Tuesday beginning August 28th 6:00 pm in CUE 202

    ESA: Wednesday's 5:00 pm in Fulmer 204

    GSATuesday's 6:00 pm in CUB 204

    Give: Tuesday's 4:00 pm in CUB 208

    ISCLocation and time TBD

    Issues and Forums: Wednesday's 4:30 CUB 206

    Ku-Ah-MahTuesday's 5:30 pm in Cleveland Center

    MEChA: Monday's 5:00-6:00 pm in CUE 119

    MESALocation and time TBD

    SVC: Every other Monday beginning August 27th at 4:00 pm in the Veterans Center


    To learn more about the ASWSU Committees, check out the committee page

  • ASWSU Auxiliary Committees

    ASWSU Auxiliaries operate differently than ASWSU Committees. For more information follow the links below.

    Cougar Choice Housing Student Legal Services KZUU

  • Open Positions

  • WSU University Committees

    These are official WSU committees which students have a majority vote on. ASWSU has the opportunity to appoint students to these committees at the beginning of each year. There are also vacancies at times throughout the year. If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, reach out to both President Brian Patrick at and Director of University Affairs at



    Service and Activity (S&A) Fee Committee

    Tech Fee Committee

    Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

    Transit Advisory Group (TAG)

    Safety and Security Committee

    Student Media Board