Executive Branch


Executive Staff

    The ASWSU Executive Staff, made up of 17 positions, including President and Vice President, serves to ensure that your voice is being heard on the Washington State University-Pullman campus. Each position has a specific mission in order to help support the President and Vice President in succeeding to better the student experience.

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Savannah Rogers

ASWSU President

Twitter: ASWSU_Pres

ASWSU VP Tyler Parchem

Tyler Parchem

ASWSU Vice President

Twitter: ASWSU_Veep

ASWSU President Savannah Rogers is a senior studying strategic communication and political science pre-law within the Honors College. She graduated from Tahoma Senior High School in Maple Valley, Washington. Throughout her time at WSU, she has served as an All-Campus Senator for the ASWSU Senate, ASWSU External Committee Chair, President of Elmina White Honors Hall, among other leadership positions. Savannah is also an active member in her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. Savannah is excited to serve as Student Body President and hopes to empower Cougs in creating a more productive and approachable student government.

ASWSU Vice President Tyler Parchem is studying political science with a pre-law track. He grew up in Olympia, Washington, where he found his love for politics and serving others. During his time at Washington State University he has served on his freshman hall government as a Resident Hall Association Representative, an ASWSU All-Campus Senator, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Chair of the ASWSU Budget Council and more. He hopes to create a safer, more fiscally responsible ASWSU that prioritizes inclusion and cultural awareness for its students.

Administrative Staff 

These staff members work to ensure the staff is running efficiently in an administrative capacity. 

Debbie Majano


Chief of Staff and Finances

Makennah Little 


Executive Assistant


Department of Communication 

The department works to ensure the message of ASWSU is effectively reaching the most students that it can. 

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Brandon Crawford


Director of Communication

Rachel Ring


Deputy Director of Communication

Skylar Schmidt


Deputy Director of Communication


Department of University Affairs

The Department of University Affairs deals with issues pertaining to student and academic needs. 

Bailey Fillinger


Director of University Affairs

Matt Winchell


Director of Student Affairs


Department of Legislative Affairs

The Department of Legislative Affairs takes care of lobbying efforts on behalf of ASWSU and increasing civic engagement.  

Gavin Pielow


Director of Legislative Affairs

Quinton Berkompas


Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs

Kelly Marshall


Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs


Department of Health and Safety

The Department of Health and Safety works to improve health resources, and increase safety on the Washington State Pullman campus.

Catherine Dunn 


Director of Health and Safety


Department of Community Affairs

The Department of Community Affairs works with the City of Pullman to ensure the student of WSU and the community members of Pullman have a mutually beneficial relationship.


Keegan Otter


Director of Community Affairs


Department of Diversity and Inclusion

The Department of Diversity and Inclusion works to promote diversity and inclusion, and bring attention/resources to under represented groups on campus.

Jerry Martinez


Director of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Mariela Frías-Gómez


Director of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity