Executive Branch

2021-2022 Executive Staff


Executive Staff

    The ASWSU Executive Staff, made up of 17 positions, including President and Vice President, serves to ensure that your voice is being heard on the Washington State University-Pullman campus. Each position has a specific mission in order to help support the President and Vice President in succeeding to better the student experience.




Brian Patrick

ASWSU President

Twitter: ASWSU_Pres

Alexander Pan

ASWSU Vice President

Twitter: ASWSU_Veep

Hey Cougs! My name is Brian Patrick and I'm the ASWSU President. I'm from Yakima, WA, and I'm a junior studying Business Management with a focus on innovation and change. While at WSU I've been President of SHRM club as well as Vice President of Recruitment for my fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon. In my free time, I enjoy fishing, hiking, spending time with family, and living the Pullman experience. I can't wait to get everyone back on campus and work with our team to serve all students at WSU. Go Cougs!

Hello Cougs! I am Alexander Pan, a current senior majoring in Finance, Accounting, and Economics with an emphasis in Financial Markets. During my time at WSU, I have served as the Vice President of Learning Community for my fraternity, represented the WSU student body for two terms as the ASWSU Director of Community Affairs, and was an ambassador for the Carson College of Business. During my free time, I enjoy fishing and bowhunting! This next year, I look forward to meeting new students and working on projects to make meaningful change on our campus and to ensure every student has a beneficial experience! Go Cougs!

Administrative Staff 

These staff members work to ensure the staff is running efficiently in an administrative capacity. 

Sydney Finch


Chief of Staff

Lauren Moffat


Executive Assistant


Department of Communication 

The department works to ensure the message of ASWSU is effectively reaching the most students that it can. 

If you want something publicized on our Social Media you can fill out the request form here: Communication Request

Celine Guzman


 Director of Communication


Bine Traore


Deputy Director of Communication

Dita Lamdjani


Deputy Director of Communication


Department of University Affairs

The Department of University Affairs deals with issues pertaining to student and academic needs. 

Samantha Gerlach 

Director of University Affairs


Margeaux Edwards

              Director of Student Affairs 


Ella Kisor

Director of Academic Affairs



Department of Legislative Affairs

The Department of Legislative Affairs takes care of lobbying efforts on behalf of ASWSU and increasing civic engagement.  

Gisselle Salazar


Director of Legislative Affairs

Estela Navarro


Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs

Diego Lopez


Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs


Department of Community Affairs

The Department of Community Affairs works with the City of Pullman to ensure the student of WSU and the community members of Pullman have a mutually beneficial relationship.



Fatimah Albaqshi


Director of Community Affairs


Department of Diversity, Inclusion and Veteran Affairs

The Department of Diversity and Inclusion works to promote diversity and inclusion, and bring attention/resources to under represented groups on campus.



Jenna Fitzgerald

Director of Inclusion, Diversity, and Veteran Affairs

Department of Health and Safety

The Department of Health and Safety works to improve health resources, and increase safety on the Washington State Pullman campus.

Conner Rath


Director of Health


Nuthaphol Ongpituk


Director of Safety

Sex & Gender-Based Violence Resource: