Student-Initiated Honor Statement


During their meeting on Wednesday evening, the Associated Students of Washington State University Senate unanimously voted to pass the first student-initiated honor statement in Washington.

The Senators have high hopes that this resolution will decrease academic violations and hold WSU students to a higher academic standard. Garrett Kalt, a junior at WSU and an All-Campus Senator, was the author of this resolution.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with ASWSU Senate and the Office of Student Conduct on this important issue. As students, we must be informed about our university policies. As Cougs, we must be committed to academic excellence and honesty”, said Kalt.

Adam Jussel, the Director of Student Conduct and Associate Dean of Students for WSU, also commented on how excited he was to be able to collaborate with ASWSU in helping support this student-driven campaign.

“The Honor Statement represents a collaborative effort between WSU undergraduate and graduate students and the Office of Student Conduct to highlight the values of being an ethical Coug and raising the standards of excellence for all students,” said Jussel.

ASWSU wants to raise awareness of this honor statement and encourages it to be on the front page of student exams, in prompts for major papers, on faculty syllabi, and on the WSU Junior Writing Portfolio. Additionally, they hope to see a similar statement arise on all WSU campuses across the state of Washington.

The full Honor Statement is as follows: “Cougs act with integrity, respect, and dignity. In order to uphold the honor of our University, we are steadfast in our commitment to academic excellence and honesty. As members of the Cougar Community, we strive to incorporate these values into our daily lives.”

Please contact ASWSU All-Campus Senator Garrett Kalt with any questions you may have in regards to the new Honor Statement.  His email is listed below:

Garrett Kalt: